What is an upgrade?

Essentially, your original car radio is converted to AM/FM 4 X 45W RMS Stereo using the latest electronics, which can be built into the set without compromising its looks or performance. 

Your period correct radio is not just modified, it’s completely re-engineered. It is disassembled and cosmetically restored, old obsolete parts removed, then reassembled with refurbished control components and a new Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The FMR-2 PCB contains an AM/FM stereo receiver and a very capable, high quality 4 channel amplifier. 

The FMR-2 is an industry leading product from the US Company Aurora Design LLC, that opens up a new world of possibilities for early automotive radios. By replacing the electronics in an original radio with modern digital electronics, any radio can be brought up to today’s standards of performance and reliability.

We can adapt this upgrade process to just about any radio configuration from the 1930’s through 1970’s.

When reinstalled in the dash the radio looks totally original, there are no visual changes and all controls operate as intended. However, turn it on and it sounds superb! 

The videos below demonstrate the features and functionality of an upgraded radio, covering the operation of an AM/FM 4 channel stereo radio, Bluetooth and USB modules. 



Click on the image below and follow the process, as we restore and upgrade this 1951 HMV Smiths Radiomobile Model 4200 with an FMR-2 AM/FM 4 x 45W Stereo Radio and a 12V Positive Earth Converter.

Close up of HMV Smiths Radiomobile model 4200 dial and fascia​​​​​​​