Core Upgrade with 8-Track

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The Radio/8-Track player is an iconic device. The tape function can be integrated into your CORE upgrade. Choose this option for all UK, European and US Radio/8-Track players.

Click on the blue ticks below to select additional upgrade options and choose voltage and polarity below before checkout.

The radio/8-Track player is an iconic device. If we find the motor and tape transport mechanism serviceable we can integrate the tape function into your CORE upgrade. Choose this option for all UK, European and US classic car radio/8-track players.
Stock Status: In Stock
The radio/8-Track player is an iconic device. If we find the motor and tape transport mechanism serviceable we can integrate the tape function into your CORE upgrade. Choose this option for all UK, European and US classic car radio/8-track players.
Classic Car Radio Upgrade | Agenta Audio
Classic Car Radio Upgrade | Agenta Audio
Classic Car Radio Upgrade | Agenta Audio
Classic Car Radio Upgrade | Agenta Audio
Classic Car Radio Upgrade | Agenta Audio

The Radio/8-Track player is an iconic device. The tape function can be integrated into your CORE upgrade. This option is for all UK, European and US Radio/8-Track players.

If you have one of these, and you want to play those great 8-track cartridges, select this option and you will have the CORE upgrade plus 8-track player.

These devices are extremely difficult to work with and the price reflects the considerable time and skill required to integrate the upgrade with the 8-track player. If you don't need the 8-track function, a cheaper alternative is to select the "CORE" upgrade only. You will still be able to insert cartridges for the 8-track look, but the music will come from the radio, AUX input or from a Bluetooth device (if you select this additional option).

The upgrade involves a full cosmetic restoration of the radio and the installation of an AM/FM 4 x 45W RMS Stereo radio unit which replaces the original electronics. An AUX input is fitted too. All the original controls are serviced and integrated. The resulting radio looks and operates exactly like it should as a period correct device, but has up-to-date features and performance. Turn it on and it sounds great.

Additional options may be selected for increased functionality:

Bluetooth.        Full, totally legal, hands free telephony, audio streaming and voice control

USB                  Charges phone, tablet or laptop AND play MP3 files from a USB memory stick

DAB/DAB+      Receive DAB stations on your classic radio

Please Note: If purchased for use in the US we will substitute an HDR (High Definition Radio) unit for the DAB/DAB+ converter for at no extra cost. Simply select the DAB / HDR option as normal and we will make the necessary adjustments.

All of these additional options are fully integrated into the radio, so the existing radio controls are used to handle phone calls or move between audio tracks etc. 

Please Note: 

As part of the upgrade, all the components of the 8-track tape mechanism will be cleaned, serviced and built into the upgraded radio. As can be seen from the pictures above, this mechanism is a complex arrangement of motor, flywheel, mechanical switching, gears and a high power solenoid. And that's before we get into the electronics. All of these components need to be serviceable for the feature to be retained and spare parts, especially the motors, are very hard to obtain. If these components in your 8-track player are not serviceable, we will complete the CORE upgrade without integrating the tape function and refund the difference in price. We find that around half of the tape motors in these players are serviceable, so it's worth finding out if yours is one of them. 

The 8-Track tape cartridges used in these players really need to be serviced before they will play well. Over time, the foam pressure pad that keeps the tape in contact with the head during play will have lost its integrity and begun to disintegrate. On many the foam pad has disappeared altogether. This will need replacing and luckily, it's quite an easy job. We can supply replacement foam pads for you to pop in. Also, the tape initially had a lubricant applied which will have dried out over the years, resulting in friction that causes the tape to run slightly slow. It can be replaced, but that's a specialist job. Consequently, don't expect to pop any old tape into the player and have it play perfectly. Either, have your favourite tapes serviced professionally, or try a few and use only the ones that play well. Don't immediately blame the player. 

The radio will be built to order according to your specifications.

If you have any special requirements with regard to the radio or your project schedule, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks from your radio being received at our workshop before we complete the work and get it back to you. We'll keep you informed of progress along the way.

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Malcolm Carrie - Edinburgh

Radiomobile 8 track upgrade

Agenta Audio upgraded my Radiomobile 8 track including Bluetooth and DAB. It took a few weeks as advertised on the web site. Absolutely worth the time. The unit looks original almost new. The 8 track works and the modern radio is just so much better.

Thoroughly recommended.

Next Steps

Box up your radio/8-Track player very carefully and send it to us, including all the knobs, fascia and any other front panel parts. We will restore it, and install an AM/FM 4 x 45W RMS Stereo radio unit with AUX input.

You can go to our contact page to download and print off an address label, a packaging slip to pop in the box and a simple guide to packing your radio to make sure it gets to us safely.

Voltage and Polarity

Your car will have either a 6 Volt or a 12 Volt battery and it will be either Positive earth or Negative earth. We need to know the voltage and polarity of your car so we can build you a radio that will work in it.

Our standard build is for 12 Volt, Negative earth vehicles. If yours is NOT 12V Negative earth you will need to select the appropriate Voltage and Polarity from the drop down box and we will build a converter into your radio so it will work correctly in your car. 

Check your battery, or ask an engineer if you're not sure. Polarity refers to which terminal of the battery, positive or negative, is connected to the car body, and hence is the earth or ground terminal. 


The converted radio can be used with up to 4 speakers, each driven by one of the 4 separate channels. However, it will operate perfectly well with the number of speakers you feel is correct for your car. If you use a single speaker, the unit will automatically blend Left and Right Stereo channels into a Mono feed so there will be no compromise in sound quality. Each time the radio is turned on it checks to see if there's a speaker attached to each channel and any unused channels are automatically switched off. This means that speakers can be added or removed without having to re-configure the radio in any way.

We would always recommend that new speakers are fitted with your converted radio. Go to our Accessories section to select from the high quality speakers we have on offer there. 


Our AM, FM and DAB radio upgrades have all been optimised to operate using the original period aerial on the vehicle. No additional aerial, other than the original, is required. 

Please make sure the original aerial is functional and if telescopic, it's clean and operates smoothly. If you need to source an aerial, we have a number of options available depending on the age and type of car and whether you want hidden, in-cabin or a powered aerial. Check out our aerials in the 'Accessories' section here.

Installation and Operating Guide

A comprehensive installation and operating guide is supplied with every radio. This guide will be tailored to your individual set and will include full instructions for the operation of the radio, including any installed options.

Installation is straightforward, but we always recommend that it is carried out by a qualified and experienced engineer. However, if there are any issues or questions raised during installation we are happy to help, so please do get in touch.


Your re-engineered and upgraded radio is covered by a comprehensive 1 year warranty from the date of service.  

Please be aware that our warranty is offered on the understanding that the set has been correctly installed in accordance with the installation guide supplied and has not been tampered with in any way.

If you have any problems with the radio at all, please do get in touch and we will work with you to find a resolution. Many issues can be solved on the phone, but if we do need to have the radio returned, we will arrange a collection at our expense. All you have to do is package it securely and hand it to the courier. We will repair the set and get it back to you as quickly as we can.

Because we focus on attention to detail and quality in everything we do, we have rarely had a radio returned. Consequently, we feel confident in offering our customers this comprehensive 1 year warranty. We want you to have total confidence in us and peace of mind when you purchase and enjoy your classic car radio upgrade.

Technical Specifications

Aurora FMR-2.7 Specifications

FM Receiver:

Frequency Range:  87.5-108 MHz (Worldwide except Japan)    76.0-95.0 MHz (Japan)

Channel Spacing:  200kHz (America’s)     100kHz (all other regions)

AM Receiver:

Frequency Range:  530-1710 kHz (America’s)    531-1611 kHz (all other regions)

Channel Spacing:    10kHz (America’s)     9kHz (all other regions)

Audio Output:

Speaker Impedance:

2-45 Ohms

Output Power:

4 X 45W into 4 ohms @14.4V maximum (EIAJ)

2 X 75W into 2 ohms @14.4V maximum (EIAJ)

Fully short circuit protected